Jan 21

It Made Better Sense to Move to a New Place

I had such a rough time finding a good job in my own town. Jobs were scarce, and I quickly learned that hundreds of people were applying for every available sales manager position that I was applying for. That quickly told me that I needed to expand my job search, and that’s what I did. I finally landed a position in a nearby city and began looking for apartments for rent in Schaumburg that I might be able to afford. It was nice to see that it was not hard to do at all. That would not have been the case where I was living before.

Where I lived previously, people were moving there in droves. It really drove up prices for just about everything. The place where I had grown up was no longer reasonably affordable. I had also gone to college there, so I simply assumed that I as soon I had a chance to graduate, I would also be able to work there. That turned out to be nowhere close to the truth when I found out just how many other people were applying at all the same places I was trying to land an interview with, too. But things turned out well for me when I realized that I could just move one city over, still be close to my family and friends and live even cheaper on a daily basis. I like to save money and that made it even more appealing to me.

The place that I rented has two bedrooms and it is under $800 per month. That just wouldn’t be possible at all where I was before. There, a studio apartment easily goes for $1,000 per month, and that’s a very basic studio with only about 500 square feet to move around in. Now, I have a place that is 1,200 square feet, allows pets and it is is really nice.