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A Quick Guide to Electronic Cigarettes Are e-cigarettes actually safer than smoking? Compared to the traditional cigarettes, experts believe that using e-cigarettes when smoking or vaping is much safer; this is based on research and experimentation. As we all know, smoking is associated with tons of health problems to smokers and even non smokers around them. It’s better to opt from tobacco to e-cigarettes, doing so would dramatically lower a person’s health risk. How can nicotine affect a person’s health?
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The real problem with nicotine is that it’s highly addictive, it’s not the direct cause of any smoking-related disease despite popular belief. Actually, people say that you can overdose on nicotine when you use e-cigarettes for a certain period of time, this is actually a misconception. Users out there, you’re in no danger of poisoning yourself with e-cigarettes, there have been no recorded cases of nicotine overdose caused by inhalation of the e-liquid; the e-liquid is the nicotine infused fluid that the e-cigarette vaporises. Bottom line, you can freely use your e-cigarette without any worry to help you manage any kind of nicotine withdrawal and other urges to grab a traditional cigarette.
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Do e-cigarettes give off harmful chemicals or actually blow up? There are a small number of studies that show e-cigarette vapour that contains chemicals which have the potential to harm someone’s health. As you know, almost every kind of study involves artificial conditions and no harm can be done if you properly use high quality e-cigarettes; don’t use an overheated e-cigarette, but regardless the e-cigarette is still the safer and healthier smoking option. The overheated e-liquid in an e-cigarette produces an unpleasant and even horrid taste, you’ll immediately know when it start overheating. Are there any threats to a person’s health when the smoke and vape? There is not a single evidence that proves smoking tobacco while you vape is worse for your health compared to just smoking tobacco; it’s not like you smoke twice as much when you use e-cigarettes since it doesn’t present the same amount of health risks. Well, we don’t need to tell you that tobacco isn’t the best thing for a person’s health, that’s why health practitioners all around the world greatly encourage people to stop smoking tobacco, it’s seen as one of the ultimate health goals. There are those that have no problems switching from tobacco to vaping, but of course other may take a bit more time; it is a case to case basis anyway. E-cigarettes and e-liquids are not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, that’s why we have so many different kinds in the market, so don’t worry if you tried your fifth one but it still doesn’t feel right, just keep on trying and you’re bound to stumble on the one; these kinds of scenarios are completely normal.