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A Couple Ways on How to Cheaply and Effectively Promote Your Product

A Couple Ways on How to Cheaply and Effectively Promote Your Product

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Many online businesses and people have a tough time trying to promote their product on the internet, because they are using subscription advertisement services that are very costly and not very effective. Most of the time you will spend so much on these pay-per-click ads that your profit margin won’t be very high for the sales that you do receive.

I am writing this article in order to communicate a couple different strategies other than what you are used to hearing. Strategies that are very cheap and surprisingly good at getting sales.

Many people believe that since they are selling products online that they have to market to people online using tools such as forums and pay-per-click advertisement. Well guess what? Everyone else is marketing in this same way, so you have less of a chance to stand out from the others. People forget that promoting locally can really make a huge difference in their products getting attention and ultimately sold.

Bulk ordering advertisement tools such as business cards, rubber stamps, magnets, postcards, window decals, lawn signs, pens, and so forth can be extremely beneficial to your sales. So few people are marketing this way today that you will stand out from the others.

However, if you feel like local advertisement is not an option for you that’s fine too. There are still some very good methods to online marketing that you can utilize.

There are hundreds of thousands of online groups that you can market to on various websites, but I will use Google Groups as an example. Using Google Groups to sell your product effectively is difficult to do without specific guidance. I will provide you with some key tips in order to bolster your success with these online groups.

Joining the right groups with a specific numbers of messages per month is paramount. I have personally found much more success promoting to groups with less than 500 members. The reason for joining these smaller groups is because there is much less spam and the members are generally more receptive towards each other, which we will use to our advantage. You will also want to join a group with less than 1000 messages a month. The reason for this is that if there are more than 1000 messages a month, then the chance of your posts being seen by a lot of members is relatively low.

Another very important key is to build a bond with the other members in the group before you make your sales pitch. Doing this is crucial, since it will really make a difference with your success rates. I like to make a post where I introduce myself. After that I make posts asking for feedback from other members and try to get them involved on whatever topic the group is founded upon. Another good way to build a bond with people in the group is to share funny videos with them that are based on the topic they are discussing. A quick and easy way to find these videos is to search a website such as Digg.

Once you have made 4 or 5 posts that are very friendly it is time to make your sales pitch. Now the biggest problem is that people generally just try to come right out and sell their product like they usually do. This is what you absolutely do not want to do, since the other members will treat your post like they treat all other spam they receive. The best way to make the sale is to tell them about your product and then ask them if they have ever tried it before or if they could provide feedback on it. This will ensure that your target members are relaxed and in a very non-threatening position.

There are many other marketing tools at your disposal, so it is important to keep in mind that the best way to market your products is to use everything at your disposal.