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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – 4 Effective Tools You Need In Your Online Business

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - 4 Effective Tools You Need In Your Online Business

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Affiliate Marketing like any other business in order to be successful it relies heavily on time management. Lets face it. The majority of your valuable time should be dedicated to developing traffic to your website through the niche marketplace you have chosen. So how are you going to find time to spend on other aspects of you online business. This is where the use of various tools come place to assist you time management. These tools will also make you online business run more smoothly

Affiliate marketing revenue relies heavily on the development of building subscribers lists for future potential sales. Having these four tools available and working for you will save you a huge amount of time.

1: Look at having Link Cloaking Software in order to hide your affiliate link. An affiliate link is the id used by your site so any sales that you refer the merchant can reimburse your commission If you don’t hide that id link correctly visitors can replace it with their own id and you won’t get the commission. There are free services including, tinyurl however it is worth investing in a link cloaking software if you can afford it!

2: Look at purchasing a professional autoresponder. As previously stated real affiliate marketing success relies on subscription list building. If you have an autoresponder set up then as visitors sign up you list will be managed correctly and timely emails with offers and assistance can be sent out. Really don’t waste all that hard earned work on driving traffic to your site if the autoresponder is second rate!

3: One of the hardest things to monitor is where people are coming from to view your website. What I mean by this is what traffic generating techniques are working and getting visitors to your site and which ones aren’t. When you think about it this is a very handy took to have in place, because it comes back to time management. A Traffic tracking tool will clearly show which traffic generation methods are working and you can focus your resources on those methods.

4: Further to the traffic tracking tool I would recommend looking into purchasing a program which will enable you to track the click through rate of your squeeze page. Often your webpage host has this statistic available however if they don’t then I would suggest looking a version of this. Why is this important well if your squeeze page is not interesting visitors to supply names and email information then you will have to re-write or redesign it so visitors will become subscribers. Don’t waste all that effort to get people to visit your site and not commit.

You will notice these tools are for list building and subscription purposes. Really when you breakdown the elements of successful affiliate marketing business the key elements are website, subscription and traffic generation. They all work together and to be successful having these 3 effective tools working for you will enable you to spend your time more wisely within the business model.