Sustainable Agriculture

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Sustainable AgricultureThe Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network (ASAN) is a grassroots network of farmers, consumers, and agriculture-associated organizations, all committed to advertising sustainable agriculture in Alabama. SRJC’s Sustainable Agriculture classes give students a foundation in plant and soil science, integrated pest management, diverse crop production, and direct marketing and advertising tactics whilst focusing on the ecological underpinnings of agriculture.

These components had been grouped into 4 categories: enhancing program efficiency to lessen inputs which includes fertilizers and pesticides, substituting much more sustainable inputs and practices into farming systems, redesigning agricultural systems primarily based on ecological principles, or strengthening connections amongst producers and customers.

Replacing a natural ecosystem with a handful of particularly chosen plant varieties reduces the genetic diversity discovered in wildlife and makes the organisms susceptible to widespread disease The Good Irish Famine (1845-1849) is a effectively-identified example of the dangers of monoculture In practice, there is no single approach to sustainable agriculture, as the precise targets and methods will have to be adapted to each and every individual case.

The Sustainable Agriculture faculty at Santa Rosa Junior College is created up of operating regional agricultural experts who enthusiastically share their expertise and knowledge along with the very best qualified practices for students entering the field.

Sustainable agriculture integrates three most important goals – environmental overall health, financial profitability, and social equity (Figure 1). A selection of philosophies, policies and practices have contributed to these ambitions, but a couple of common themes and principles weave by way of most definitions of sustainable agriculture.