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Biz Support Without Business Link?

Will others bite the dust in the current public sector cutting cycle in the UK? Potential victims: Business Link – a vital connection for so many who start and develop businesses throughout the country. Where will business people go looking for help, advice and support?

Business Link establishes itself as a convenience store for all matters of business, from advice, through tax and financial assistance, to how to market your business, and more. All services are of very high value to every novice or successful entrepreneur. Lots of advice, help and support in ONE place. One central place to access; online or offline (based in national centers in the UK), but more important is giving direct advice. Reports indicate that most online services will still exist but where does it leave an element of human interaction?

Biz Support Without Business Link?

Partnerships with local business companies or independent business groups need to move forward to replace this important link. Uniting partner professional collaboration, by region by region, to cover all aspects of the business can be introduced. These groups can facilitate workshops and skills training under one roof, provide valuable insights and expertise to help rejuvenate and grow the small business sector.

Both face-to-face and online social networking have the potential to open up great opportunities for all stages of business development. Because networks attract individuals from all professions and business sizes, this can be seen as one of the biggest areas for growth for business support and advice. Think about the unlimited business possibilities that Twitter and Facebook can do for your business? Connecting with people who have similar tendencies and potential customers via the internet is quickly becoming the most effective way to do business and gain knowledge and advice.

A face-to-face network brings you into personal contact with others. This networking style is needed for many individuals, especially single traders who rely on human interaction to be inspired, and to gain knowledge and develop skills. Knowing you can talk to someone about the challenges you face and the success you are achieving is an important element of networking.

Does this indicate that the demise of Business Link will not be so detrimental to new and established businesses? There is the potential to provide this valuable range of professional services in other ways, either online or offline. What then is in store for biz support in the future?