Corporate ERP Selection: International Business Aspects
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Corporate ERP Selection: International Business Aspects

Corporate ERP Selection: International Business Aspects

1.      ERP at the Head Office, assuming the US or Canada

Usually, this is not a question, but an existing prerequisite. If you go into international business, your company is already established in the country. Let’s assume you are an intermediate organization and use Microsoft Dynamics GP, formerly known as Great Plains Dynamics or enterprise, and this application includes the necessary business logic: Inventory and Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Logistics, Shipping and Receiving, Sales, Purchases, Fixed Assets, etc. It is natural to issue ideas about implementing Dynamics GP abroad, why not? If needed, we can translate several screens and reports into Brazilian Portuguese, for example, and leave? … Unfortunately, the reality of international business is more complex and you have to think of localization for your country’s subsidiary base, say Brazil

2.      ERP localization

The localization of accounting applications must be understood in two parts. First, it must be translated into the local language. Of course, you don’t want to reinvent the bike and translate Dynamics GP from English to Portuguese at your own expense, you want to know if this has been done. Unfortunately, the answer is no – Dynamics GP is not marketed in countries like Brazil by Microsoft, instead Microsoft Business Solutions Brazil recommends Dynamics AX Axapta or NAV Navision. The second aspect of ERP localization is the local tax code and government reporting compliance. In Brazil, to give you a few examples, you have to apply the logic of sales invoices to support sequential factura figures, plus …

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Barbados: Canada's Offshore Business Paradise
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Barbados: Canada’s Offshore Business Paradise

Barbados: Canada's Offshore Business Paradise

Barbados and Canada have very strong international business relations with the island which acts as a business center for offshore Canada. The strong relationship between the two countries goes back to British colonial times and has developed into an important partnership for the two countries.

Barbados – Canada Relationship Facts

Canada provides the largest source of Foreign Direct Investment for the Barbadian economy

Barbados is the third largest recipient of Canadian international investment after the U.S. and AK.

Canadians represent 75% of the international financial community in Barbados

Canadian banks with a strong presence in Barbados include RBC Royal Bank, Scotiabank and CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank.

Barbados – Canada Tax Treaty Benefits

The Barbados – Canada tax treaty has been in place for over three decades and plays a key role in facilitating the close international business relationship between the two countries. The treaty means that Canadian companies registered in Barbados may legally benefit from the many advantages granted to international businesses registered on the island.

The treaty offers the following benefits to Canadian companies registered in Barbados:

A low tax rate of 2.5% down to 1% on taxable profits

Capital gains are tax exempt

No withholding taxes on royalties, dividends, interest or management fees for non-residents

No exchange controls on foreign currency transactions

Free from import duties and taxes on machinery, materials, factories and equipment

There are no capital requirements

Additional benefits offered by Barbados as an international business center include:

A highly educated workforce is available to provide management, …

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Link Building Provides Scope of Improved Business
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Link Building Provides Scope of Improved Business

There are thousands of websites on the internet at present and the competition of online business is getting tougher every day. The intensity of competition has gone up in such a manner that if you are not seen on the front-page of search results, you stand poor chance to get customers for the online business. You have to remain in the front page to continue to receive substantial customers for your business. You need to promote the website to maintain the position in the search engines and it can be appropriately completed through a wonderful method, which is link building.

Link Building Provides Scope of Improved Business

The area of link building service consists of achieving links from authority sites, which point to your site. The process also takes into account different styles including the reciprocal links and so on. You can easily get several quality links to your site by submitting unique articles to reputed directories and get backlinks which are great inbound links for your site. This method provides the chance to get many visitors who are able to get the opening to your site due to the relevancy of the niche in articles and in the site.

If a customer visits an article site to find the article on a particular niche and gets a reference of the link to your site may become interested to know about the site, which actually increases visitor to the site. It is great way to get additional traffic to the site, which many link building services provide …

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Internet Marketing - Finding Balance Between the Old and the New
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Internet Marketing – Finding Balance Between the Old and the New

Ever since Henry Ford invented the assembly line, there has been a battle between those who embrace innovation and those who prefer the status quo – sometimes referred to as the good old-fashioned way of doing things.

I contend that the best of both worlds lies somewhere in the middle of the two and embraces technology and automation without forgetting that behind every machine is a warm-blooded operator and an end user with a beating heart.

Using technological tools to enhance connection and communication with other people is a great application. Using them to replace human interaction – not so good.

Let me give you a couple of examples:

Email Marketing

Good: Sending a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter packed with useful information and a small amount of promotional stuff.

Not so good: Sending lots of “buy this from me” promotional messages with no attempt to provide information that the reader finds useful.

Good: Asking for permission to send email by using an opt-in process.

Not so good: SPAM-ing people by buying a list or adding them to your database without their permission.


Good: Scheduling 10-15% of your tweets to go out automatically but tweeting “in person” the rest of the time.

Not so good: Scheduling most or all of your tweets and almost never showing up “in person” to interact with your Tweeple.

The question I get asked most often about technology tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email marketing or blogging is, “Can these things help …

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Your Killer Copywriting and Direct Marketing Goals
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Your Killer Copywriting and Direct Marketing Goals

Your Killer Copywriting and Direct Marketing Goals

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There must be some reason why this A-lister would make this statement:

“If you learn direct marketing, especially copywriting, I think you’re going to make money whatever the tactic of the month is. If you can’t distinguish your marketing methods from your nearest competitors, learn to be a direct marketing copywriter.” (Alex Mandossian)

Direct copy writing, is direct marketing – you are communicating with your audience and giving them a way to purchase from you directly – rather in your online or offline business. We all need to be copywriters and create that warm connection with our clients. This is just about as close as we can get to meeting them in person or talking on the phone.

You need a lot of copy to build a relationship with your followers. I have heard that the interpretation of copywriting defined is: applied psychology. A good writer is a great communicator.

If you can be in alignment with your writing, it can be an expression of you and the clients you are serving and you will connect a lot better – saving a lot of direct conversations  – because your clients will know you better.

Doesn’t this sound familiar to you?

If I’m not communicating with my reader I don’t have a sale and I’m not giving them the opportunity to buy. I’m confusing them and they leave.

That’s what it means to be a great copywriter, great and clear communication. Being a leader, or leading with your writing …

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