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Dialing in to Things that Matter to Us

Today there are over 30,000 broadcast stations throughout the United States and among them, there are many that cater to different interests across a wide spectrum of listeners. For some it may be music and entertainments, while others it would be news and keeping up to date with topics on education or the stock markets; lastly, there are many broadcast stations whether AM/FM/TV that are talk shows which give up to date information on commodities and trading. Since the beginning of the stock market’s existence investors stream towards those outlets that give consistent and substantial information as grounds for investors to make intelligent investments.

Dialing in to Things that Matter to Us

Wide Spectrum of Listeners

Public radio has always attracted the general public, even from its earliest days in the 1920s there were signs that the radio and its possibilities were embraced by listeners who could afford a radio. The foundations of the radio began with several inventions like Fessenden’s patent in translating voice to an electrical impulse, the Audion Tube by DeForrest in 1902, the vacuum tube in 1948. Already by 1913, there were already over 300 licensed amateur radio stations, but by 1917 that number grew to 13,000. In other words, the radio has long been hailed throughout the world as a great instrument for the dissemination of all kinds of useful knowledge and a means of entertainment of various sorts.

Broadcasting For Natural Resources

As mentioned above there are many radio stations that cater to natural resources, such as oil, gas, and other natural resource agents. For the most part, these programs are what is called an Oil and Gas Radio Show and are a combination of news information about gas & oil prices along with topics and guests that bring new information to investors who are seeking secure investing strategies and opportunities among oil and gas companies. These opportunities could be new reserves which are found, as the latest off the coast of Mexico. These new opportunities often are related to changes in government regulations, which allow for drill and oil companies which were at one time not allowed within secured areas, but new regulations have allowed foreign oil companies to tap into these reserves. Since this information is not widely disseminated investors rely upon the best news sources to obtain these reports. In other words, these news sources for natural resources serve an important service to the investing community at large.

Global Reach

Another very important advantage of using radio to disseminate knowledge is the universal reach of radio today. This allows anyone in whatever part fo the world to access this information. With the invention of WiFi, the recent introduction of VOIP calling across the internet, and the connecting all things across the world thru the internet of things technologies (IoT), there is an even greater ability for anyone to access these natural resource knowledge. On the other hand, for those with any type of cellphone they can have easy access to all knowledge thru the click of a button on a phone, which 50 years ago, was totally unavailable.