Fiberglass Pipe Manufacturers

Fiberglass Pipe Corporation Ltd (FPC)

Fiberglass Pipe ManufacturersManufacturers of hdpe woven fabric, titanium woven wire mesh, woven wire cloth, woven cloth filters, fiberglass pipe fabrication, textured roving, continuous roving (yarn), stitch-bonded chopped strand mat, single finish roving, pultrusion roving and so on. Our 110,000 square-foot fabrication facility in Belton, Texas is equipped with the latest technologies to supply high-high quality, corrosion-resistant options for a wide variety of industries which includes: chemical processing, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, metal and mining, electronics, power generating and oil and gas production.

A range of resin systems and manufacturing processes are utilized to optimise the pipe program for the application, from mild water and wastewater pipe operate to aggressive chemical pipe handling caustic or sulphuric acid systems and elevated temperature service.

In 2011 a couple of Bakken Shale operators approached Future Pipe Industries requesting a answer to the developing price of failures that they had been experiencing with their existing fiberglass line pipe that was manufactured with Anhydride or Aliphatic Amine resins.

Rather than conducting random sampling stress tests, hydrostatic stress tests are done on every joint of pipe prior to shipment, and a threaded connection is utilized, rather than an adhesive/-ring joining approach, to assure a tight, leak-totally free connection at the highest pressures.

Significant cooling systems, sea water applications, desulphurization plants and penstock lines in hydropower systems all use pipes produced of fiberglass because of its resistance to buildup in the smooth internal walls and wide temperature tolerance variety of -20º F to 300º F. They can also be laminated and reinforced with epoxy, vinyl, Furan, polyester and phenolic glass.