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How To Use Guarantees in Your Marketing

How To Use Guarantees in Your Marketing

If a client isn’t satisfied with your products or your service what do you do?

Chances are you do what must be done to make it right. If you are reading this I’d bet you are one of those business people which will bend over backward to change a miserable client into a fan.

Yet, if I were to come to work today and show you absolutely must provide a guarantee you’d produce 103 main reasons why you’ll go out of business if you give you a guarantee.

And, every some of those reasons comes from afraid that “people” will require advantage of the guarantee to obtain free stuff and rob you blind.

Too bad. Your concern with losing is robbing you of the best part of a great offer–risk reversal. See, when someone buys from you they have a risk. A risk that they may provide you with money so you won’t deliver the goods.

By offering a warranty you say “OK Mr. Prospect, I’ll undertake danger with this transaction…because I know that I’ll deliver as promised so you’ll be happy.”

It gives your prospect a safety net and enough comfort to produce the buying decision despite the risk that you won’t deliver.

You’re already “guaranteeing” every transaction should you work to generate each client happy. But you are not getting any marketing make use of your effort.

The best guarantee can be a full cash back guarantee nevertheless, you do not have to go that far in case you are not comfortable. Figure out what you can guarantee.

Here are a few ideas:

That your phone will likely be answered by a real person That you will return calls/emails in a certain amount of hours That you’ll meet a particular deadline Guarantee that you will arrive when promised

have the idea. Find items that you’ll be able to control and guarantee them. The more you’ll be able to promise the greater. In my last business, we guaranteed response time…something I had complete control over. We were the only real ones in our industry to provide ANY type of guarantee. Our competitors would often tell us we had been crazy for offering our clients loved it. And we never had to cover any money in claims around the guarantee.

Unless you’ve got truly bad services or products you’re not likely to acquire many (if any) claims for the guarantee. But you will get a big boost in sales by providing it. Done right, means that get security today.