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Is Global Domain International a Good Business to Join?

Is Global Domain International a Good Business to Join?

GDI – which is short for Global Domains International, is an idea born in 1999 by Alan Ezeir and Michael Reed. Their goal is to start a network marketing business by providing “.ws” domain extensions for “websites”.

This is a Global Domain International Review which aims to determine impartially whether GDI is a good MLM business opportunity that is also legitimate and trustworthy.

The .ws domain from GDI costs 10 $ a month and includes:

  • Register your domain
  • 100MB storage space to host your website
  • a website builder that can help you build your site from scratch very quickly, with 100MB of gallery storage
  • 10 email addresses for each domain, 1 GB of storage space per address
  • the option to forward your domain to another location or to use another hosting company

The compensation package looks like this: You get $ 1 for each new affiliate in your network starting with your direct affiliate at level 1 to indirect affiliation from up to level 5. You may have many affiliates per level that you can add.

There is also a premium package recently introduced for $ 40 a month that compensates $ 15 a month for your first level affiliates and $ 5 for them from level 2 to level 5. The possibility of earning is much higher and every premium affiliate enters the daily lottery for trial registration new ones that don’t have affiliate sponsors.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of becoming an affiliate with Global Domains International:


1. More than 10 years of activity has made GDI a trusted company that always pays affiliates on time.

2. No matter where you or your affiliates come from, your team can consist of German, Chinese, American, you name it!

3. Every new member gets a 7-day free trial to test the system and can opt-out at any stage of this trial period without paying anything.

4. $ 10 a month is not a high price to pay for MLM opportunities that can bring a lot of profit.

5. GDI seems to know one or two things about incentives: register 5 new accounts a week and get a $ 100 bonus; 1000 $ for 50!

6. GDI offers 12 highly convertible replication sites that you can use in your promotional campaigns.

7. Your website has a default visitor tracker and you are also notified by email when people join through forms on your page.

8. Premium packages and their benefits have been explained.


1. Despite being a valuable tool for beginners, website builders may seem rather limited to a professional with a particular design in mind.

2. Global Domains International does not offer training programs on how to promote your website to achieve good results, making it difficult for beginners.

3. Although for most users 100MB of storage space is sufficient for a good-looking website, some professionals may find insufficient space for complex projects.

The point is Global Domains International is a good opportunity to start an MLM business with a fairly small monthly fee, and that includes one thing that is needed by every aspiring Internet marketer: your website. This will make it easier for you to spread the word on the GDI business.

And for those who care whether Global Domains International is a legitimate business, there is no need to worry: your GDI account is easily accessible and provides proof of the bonus of thousands of dollars paid by the company every week.