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Why Your Business Needs an Accounting Department

Why Your Business Needs an Accounting DepartmentIn the beginning, accounting doesn’t seem that important. You do a service, you send a bill and the person pays. It slowly begins to creep up on you over time. You want to grow your business, so you start expanding services and generating more bills. You’ve forgot to collect on about 20 bills and now you’re backed up on past due accounts. You haven’t kept track of how many times you’ve served them, but you can dig it up in your email. Having a department or at least a person to handle your books can make your business life so much more organized. Your business needs an accounting department to manage payables and receivables, handle reporting, and maintain compliance.

Manage Payables And Receivables

Someone in the company needs to have eyes on what is coming in and what is going out. When it comes to receivables, operating costs are offset by the generated income. Billing is only a single step in that matter. There needs to be a collection of payment. If your company is waiting for checks or if payments are very outstanding, the company needs someone who can attempt to collect the money. Sometimes placing a simple phone call is enough. When it comes to company spending, you need eyes on the bills to make sure they are being paid out timely. Past due bills accumulate late fees and drive your expenses up over time. Someone also needs to watch the spending just to manage company expenses in general. All due charges should be relevant and approved of by a manager to keep the books honest.

Handle Reporting

An accounting department will know how to produce your monthly, quarterly and annual reports. Accountants will know what needs to show up in those reports and they will understand what data is needed to produce those reports. They will know where to find information about a particular quarter or about a particular expense. Someone in your accounting department can tell you right away if you’ve had a good or bad quarter based on the data that has been gathered.

Maintain Compliance

Having an accounting department means you have skilled professionals working on your company’s numbers who are family with accounting principles and standards. You shouldn’t have to worry about any mishaps or shortcuts because accountants understand the consequences of inputting bad data and miscalculations. If you’d rather keep your honest accounting on the outside of your company, you can search the professionals Watson & Watt.


 Accounting may seem easy to an outsider as just checks and balances, but it really is so much more. That’s why there are guidelines. Counting is one thing, but knowing how to compile and analyze the data, sorting it so that it tells a full story, is something professionals do. If your company doesn’t have an accounting department you should be in contact with a firm regularly. Having a third party company to back your company up is also a plus. You can use an accounting department to manage payables and receivables, handle reporting, and maintain compliance.